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Misty Mornings at the Farm

About a year ago, before my husband, Jake, and I even knew that moving from Massachusetts to New Jersey was on our horizon, we decided that we would start looking for a small farm to raise our two boys along with whatever crops and creatures we wanted to surround ourselves with.  We weren’t even ready to sell our house in Mass, but vowed that if we ever found a piece of property that would work for our family that we’d consider moving for it.  At that time, we assumed the move would happen within our New England town.  We didn’t know that Jake’s job would lead us to the handsome Garden State, but we were thankful for the opportunity and to go on the house hunt again, and as fate would have it, a perfect 13 acre farm was on the market in the school district we loved.

Misty Morning

The house attached to our 13 acres is a delightful 70’s fixer upper.  The property is located at the top of a small New Jersey mountain and in the mornings, we’ve noticed a wonderful mist rolling over the field.  So fittingly, after only a couple of months of living here, we’ve named our farm “Misty Mornings.”  It continues to live up to it’s name on delightful dewy mornings and we are in love…in love with the farm life, the progress, and the process.  I hope this blog will be a beautiful documentation of the transformation of our fixer farmhouse into our forever home.

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