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Moving Weekend, Let’s Get This Party Started!

Jake and I dove in to our renovation on literally day one.  I mean on day one,  we had just finished unloading the truck and setting up only the necessary beds when we started to tear down the cabinets that were over the kitchen peninsula.  It was an immediate improvement and we were hooked!  There’s nothing quite like instant gratification and when you have some post moving day momentum behind that, there is no telling what you can accomplish!  Here’s what the kitchen looked like during our home inspection this past April (notice the awesome glossy ceiling too!):

Here was us on Day 1 ripping down those upper cabinets over the peninsula:

And after the uppers came down:

We feel that removing the cabinets over the peninsula instantly made the kitchen feel larger.  We have plans for a large kitchen renovation in the future, but wanted something a little more comfortable for us in the meantime.

On day two at our new house, while we still had the moving truck, we were perusing craigslist while sipping coffee of the front porch for a large sectional that would fit in our new living room.  The lovely family who bought our last house asked to buy our sectional and we happily agreed to leave it behind.  One less thing to move was a huge plus in our book!!  Amazingly, Jake found a really nice sectional not too far away that had been displayed in someone’s formal living room for less than two years before they downsized to a smaller house.  It was in great shape and they were selling it for less than a third of what they paid.  Jake and Matthew brought it home that day in our giant Penske truck.  It took us a few days to figure out how to arrange the living room, and we still haven’t gotten it exactly right, but at least we have somewhere to sit!


Crazy town on moving weekend!

Later on day two, we had to return our Penske truck to Home Depot and I picked up a gallon of one of my favorite paint colors, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore in Home Depot’s Behr brand.  That evening, amidst boxes that still needed to be unpacked, I started to paint over the sunflower petal yellow in our kitchen.  I got as far as edging the kitchen that evening and the next morning, still in my pj’s, I started to roll the paint on.  (I told  you, instant gratification + new house momentum= crazy Amber)  I was thrilled with the progress.

On day three, while Jake and Matthew went to shop for a lawn tractor and trailer, and we still hadn’t finished unpacking, I got Grant hooked on the magic and fun of removing wallpaper.  We didn’t have any special tools yet, just a spray bottle and some dull fingernails, but he and I pulled most of the top layer off of one wall in the hallway.  You can read more about our wallpaper saga soon!  It ended up taking us two and a half months to get all of the wallpaper out of this house, and we joked that it looked more than a little crazy in the process.

Grant removing wallpaper like a boss in PJ’s.
I remembered to take a picture of these ones before removing them!

Jake and I also removed a lot of curtains in the house.  There was a lot of lace, and since the house had been empty for almost a year, there were a LOT of stink bugs in the curtains.  It was nice to start getting some of that down.  With every curtain that came down, the house started to feel lighter and brighter.

So what projects did you tackle on moving weekend besides unpacking?

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