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Farmhouse Dining Room Update- Dated to Darling

This week, in the midst of ripping out the subfloor upstairs in the master bedroom, we have discovered another leak which is now starting to stain the ceiling in the living room.  The leak is coming from either the drain or water lines going to the left sink in the big hall bathroom.  We cut a hole in the master closet drywall to try to figure out where the water is coming from, but unfortunately, we’re going to have to cut a hole in the living room ceiling too.   So before I go a little cray-cray with a third hole cut into our downstairs ceiling, I figured I’d have a little fun and finally decorate the dining room.

The dining room has come a long way already.  When we first moved in, the dining room had chair rail with upper wallpaper, wooden shutters covered by lace curtains, an ornate chandelier dripping with crystals, and a ceiling in need of a fresh paint job.  This is a photo that I borrowed from the listing:

And here is how it looked after we moved in our furniture and tore down the chair rail:

My boys enjoyed ripping the wallpaper off the walls in this room. Happily, there was only one layer in here so the wallpaper came down fairly easily.

Ripping down wallpaper has got to be one of the messiest jobs out there!  Here are some pictures after painting and styling this room up a little!  It’s not quite done yet, but this is good progress!

Dining Room Progress

This is my current favorite little detail shot,  I found these little baskets a few weeks ago at Hobby Lobby when I was shopping with my friend, Amy.  I just filled them with some boxwood clippings and some pretty old Michael’s pumpkins.

What little projects do you like to do when you’re procrastinating on tough stuff like plumbing repairs?

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