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Bedroom #1 Gets Prepped for Hardwood Floors!

The room formerly known as “The Pink Room” is one of the front bedrooms in our house and our first room to receive the honor of new hardwood floors!  This room was the one Jake and I chose for our bedroom on moving day as it’s the second largest room next to the master which we originally saved for summer guests.

As time went by, however, we realized that our bed just wouldn’t fit comfortably anywhere but the master and our oldest son, Grant has always said he wanted this front bedroom as it offers a view of our field.  So we opted to make “The Pink Room” into “Grant’s Room!”

The Pink Room “Before”

The Pink Room had a pink ceiling and pink walls with white carpet.  There was dark brown trim that was very thin and reminiscent of 1973.  This room was certainly not suitable for a 9 year old boy in its current state!  While Jake ripped out the carpet, carpet padding, and that pesky MDF subfloor, I began painting that horrible pink ceiling a much more subdued flat white.

Goodbye pink ceiling!

Ripping out that subfloor was kind of a pain in the neck.  Of course, there were 2.5″ nails throughout.  Jake cut it into strips with a circular saw set at .75″ depth first and then found that two hammers were the perfect tools to get underneath each piece to pull it up and break it.  We got stuck a little where the subfloor went underneath the radiator, but a quick trip to Home Depot for a dremel tool and mini wood saw blade did the trick!

Phew- this is a pain!
Old houses tell stories! This drawing was on the subfloor we removed.

 Jake had always wanted one of these little Dremel tools anyway, so this was the perfect excuse.  And it did the job quite well!

After the subfloor was totally out of this room, we breathed a quick sigh of relief and I got to painting the walls.  I let Grant choose between two colors that I already had on hand:  Ben Moore Revere Pewter, or Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray.  This was a little sneaky because the colors are very similar.  Grant went for Revere Pewter and I got to prepping walls and painting.  The drywall in this house has all been nailed instead of screwed so over time the nails start to pop which means extra banging and spackling.

Once the walls were ready, though, on went the Revere Pewter.

Revere Pewter going on!

I went ahead and painted the closet…which may have had original paint from 1973.

Once I completed my painting, Jake was very excited to finally start laying that beautiful wide-plank hickory.  It’s been a few (like 10) years since he’s laid hardwood flooring, but it came back to him beautifully.

Hardwood flooring going down in the bedroom! Woohoo!

We will wrap up the pink bedroom flooring transformation in the next post so stay tuned!


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