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Good Wood, Shopping for Hardwood Floors

During our bathroom renovation we totally destroyed the already aged carpet in the upstairs hallway.  Apparently, you can’t slide plywood subfloor with those blue sides across white carpet!  My awesome hubby surprised me one day by having a little fun and tearing the carpet out before we had a plan- sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves!  We had always planned on putting hardwood floors in the upstairs hallway and thought that someday we would add hardwood floors to the bedrooms.  Then Jake remembered from his days of installing hardwood floors that if you want a seamless floor with no transitions that you really need to start at one side of the house and work your way across.  So we went shopping!

There were pine floors in the upstairs of our last house, which I’m sure was a huge money saver, but they were oh so soft and prone to dings and scratches.  We once put our rolling office chair upstairs for a makeshift home office, what a mistake!  There were wheel marks left indented into the floor everywhere we rolled- and don’t get me started on Jasper’s morning stretch with his nails digging in!  This time around, we knew we wanted hardwood.  We narrowed our choices down to two hardwoods.

We brought home samples of the 5″ hickory in the rustic stain and finish we loved, and 3″ buttercup oak. I knew leaving the store that I loved the hickory’s tone and variations along with durability.  I just had to bring them both home to see if I liked it enough to justify the almost $1.00 per square foot difference and the extra work load of gluing the wider 5″ boards.

After a quick Facebook friend poll, the response was the same as mine- overwhelmingly for the Hickory!  So we headed off to the store to pick up 1,000 square feet of hardwood floor!  Gulp!!!

That’s a lot of wood….

Imagine carrying all of those boxes up a flight of stairs- talk about buns of steel!!  But just look how pretty:

Well if you want to know what we’ll be doing for the next foreseeable future, just imagine us ripping up carpets and subfloors, listening to tunes loud enough to hear through our earplugs, and dreaming of bedrooms with rustic dancefloors hickory hardwood floors.

Stay tuned as the “Pink Bedroom” gets the first makeover of the bunch!

Smell ya later carpet!

What are you all up to this weekend?  Leave me a comment!

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