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Grant’s Room Progress!

Grant’s room has made some great progress so far!  You can read about the hardwood floor prep process in this post.  After we had the subfloor and trim ripped out, and the walls, ceiling, and closet painted, Jake and I got to work laying down the hardwood floor.  I chose the boards so that there would be no seams in the same places, then one of us would apply a serpentine of glue to the back of the board, and Jake would nail them into place.  What a fun and super gratifying job!  It took three days (in between work and the boys hectic football schedule) to finish laying down the floor.

14 rows down!

After the floor was complete, Jake cut new wider white trim for the windows.  I painted the trim before we installed it and then the fun began!  The larger trim made the windows look so much bigger.  Check out this before and after:

The original trim
New larger trim making the windows appear larger.

We also made this quick update by painting the outlets and changing the covers:


This room is not quite finished yet, we still need to:

  • Caulk the nail holes in the baseboard trim
  • Trim the inside of the closet
  • Place a piece of trim under the radiator
  • Apply touch up paint over the caulking
  • Router and hang the trim pieces above the closet and entry doors
  • Make over the current bi-fold closet doors- I can’t wait for this project, they’re going to be fantastic!
  • Paint the new door
  • Build some bed side tables and a desk
  • Possibly change out the ceiling fan for a cool “boys’ room” light fixture

The fact that the room isn’t done yet didn’t stop us from moving Grant into his new room, and it certainly didn’t stop me from my favorite part-decorating!  Here are some of my favorite details so far:

I found these little skull and crossbones sheets at Home Goods one day and didn’t buy them, but then couldn’t stop thinking about them for two weeks.  The next time I went, they were still there so I scooped them up.  I just think they’re perfect for my almost 10 year old tough guy:

I wavered back and forth on hanging the curtains because I didn’t want to cover the window trim, but in the end, I felt they softened up the room so much.  I also love how the high and wide placement of the curtains visually heightens the room.

This sweet little metal deer head was an Easter gift for Grant last year, I was so happy to finally hang it for him!  And I found these cool antique European license plates at the Brimfield Antique Fair last year.

This headboard was actually left behind in the garage of our last house.  I’m fairly certain it was from their old kitchen peninsula.  We repurposed it into a headboard with a French cleat attached to the back of it and drilled into studs on the wall.  I made the sweet little paper airplane banner from some old book pages.

The closet is still a work in progress, I can’t wait to get moving on that project, but we need to finish a few other things upstairs first!  Check out that baseboard trim though!  I like it so much better than the thin dark trim:

And just for fun, here’s another shot of the before and the progress:

So, I want to know, have you ever decorated a room before it was finished?

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