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Powder Room Refresh

Our powder room hides in a cute little back hallway off what I call the “Muddy Laundry Room” (aka Mudroom/ Laundry combined!)  When we first moved in, it was very dark with wooden paneling, dark trim, and peach floral wallpaper.  Here are some photos of the powder room “before.”

Peach Wallpaper and Paneling


Some early 90’s touches!

In the midst of our other bathroom renovations, I knew that we didn’t want to spend any money on this bathroom just yet, but I was willing to put some “sweat equity” into it!  My in-laws actually helped us out during their housewarming visit and replaced the leaky faucet in this bathroom.  It’s nice to have a sink that doesn’t leak!

I mentally file this project under “Operation Tear Down All the Wallpaper and Paint Everything White.”  And you’ll see why!  I actually jumped ahead of myself a little and primed the paneling before taking down the wallpaper.  I was careful not to get any paint on the wallpaper though.  From my experience in other rooms, paint on top of wallpaper makes that spot of wallpaper much more difficult to remove.

I used Kilz Oill Based Primer which is hands down the best primer to stick to anything and cover anything, but also hands down the stinkiest primer you’ll ever work with!  I’ve found that using the oil based primer actually makes my contact lenses blurry the next day so I’ve stopped wearing contacts while using it. As you can see, I primed everything I could with the Kilz.

I primed what I could prime on one day and then got to ripping down wallpaper on the next day.  Wallpaper removal is such a pain.  We found that the WP Chomp system at Home Depot works wonders though for breaking up the glue between the wallpaper and wall and helps you scrape it more cleanly off the wall.  Once I had the wallpaper down, I put another coat of primer on the paneling where there were some bleed through marks.

I sweet talked Jake into removing the toilet from this bathroom and stealing the newer toilet that had been in the upstairs green bath to use in the powder room.  The old toilet that was in the powder room didn’t always flush on the first try, which could be quite embarrassing when guests were in the house! ha!  This was our first toilet installation, but I had watched Jake’s dad do it twice before at our old house for us.  I have to say, it’s not insanely difficult!  And it is so nice to have a fresher looking and smelling toilet in our tiny powder room that actually flushes on the first try!!

While the old toilet was out and before Jake had installed the new one, I got a chance to paint the wall and trim behind the toilet.  So much easier than working around that darn thing!

Here are some progress shots with the primer done and the wallpaper down:

Making progress in the powder room!

Check in tomorrow, I’ll be sharing photos of this room looking much fresher!!  The before and after of this project is one of my favorites so far!


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