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Avocado to Amazing Part II- Putting it back together

After we finished the demo process on the bathroom, we started to prep for the new bathtub.  We decided that it would be easiest to replace the ceiling before the bathtub went it.  So we hung the new green board and I got to work taping, spackling, sanding, and spackling again and again until I got it right.  Then I rolled a watered down skim coat of spackle over the entire ceiling to get the final texture.

While I was working on the ceiling, Jake began designing and building the double vessel sink vanity that I wrote about here. We designed the vanity to fit the nook where the old double green vanity sat before.

We had to replace some areas of drywall in the bathroom as well that were moldy or concealing mysterious leaks from the master bathroom on the other side of the wall.

After I had smoothed out the spackling, and finished painting the ceiling, I painted the walls with Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray in a satin finish.  This was my first experience with this color.  I was afraid I wouldn’t like this color as I was rolling it on, but it dried a really lovely beige grey.

After painting, we hung these pretty farmhouse industrial lights:


This outlet we installed has a built-in light sensing night light that we love.  It allows us to have a night light in this bathroom without using one of the outlets.

When we were house shopping we looked at one house that had a fantastic deep bathtub in the main hallway

bathroom and we knew we’d love to have something like that in this house.  We found that Kohler made a deep soaking tub that had excellent reviews.  We tried to find a local showroom where we could see this tub before ordering it for ourselves, but in the end, took a leap of faith and ordered the Kohler Archer tub in white hoping that we’d love in our house.

We went through a bit of frustration ordering the tub.  We first ordered it from Amazon with Prime shipping, and anxiously waited on the second day for it to arrive, when someone (we don’t know who) refused the shipment of our tub.  Talk about a disappointment!  Thankfully, Amazon is always classy and immediately refunded us the money.  Unfortunately, re-ordering from Amazon wasn’t an option as they’d have to wait weeks for this tub that shipped and almost made it to us to return to their stock, so we ordered through Home Depot and had the tub shipped to their store.  On the day the tub arrived, we happily hopped over to Home Depot with our spiffy little trailer and brought that baby home.  I couldn’t wait for a soak!

We actually broke away from our tradition of doing everything ourselves and hired a plumber to install the bathtub drain, and tub, mixing valve, and faucet.  I couldn’t help but be thankful we hired this job out as I heard the plumbers grumbling under their breath all day about trying to get the new drain into the right spot to fit the new tub in the old set up.

When the plumbers took their lunch, I snuck upstairs to see what they’d accomplished:

Looks like the spilled a few gallons of water all over the place!  And after a few more hours, we finally had a bathtub!

Even though it was rather expensive to hire out this plumbing, it was so great to have the piece of mind that the bathtub and it’s drain are installed correctly.

Tune into the next post as we get ready to tile!


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