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Avocado to Amazing Part IV: Finishing Touches

After we finished the tile on the floor, shower walls, and accent wall that I wrote about here, it was time to finish the bathroom trim.  Jake spent a year before we had kids working as a trim carpenter.  The things he learned and the skills he acquired turned out to be so valuable for us!

Whatever trim design we picked for this room we would carry throughout the house, so we wanted to be sure we chose the right design for the bathroom.  We decided on a craftsman-esque farmhouse style trim.  The windows in the upstairs of this house a on the small side, so we decided to visually elongate the windows by putting a 1″ x 6″ board across the top and bottom of the window.


Here is a side by side comparison of the window with the new trim.  These pictures do not give the new trim justice as it gets a little lost in the subway tiles.

Here are photos of the trim we put around the doors.  Initially, we intended to put a basic 1″ x 2″ board horizontally “sandwiching” the top 1″ x 6,” but it looked too plain so Jake made it fancier with his router.  The only downfall- now he has to do this for every door, closet, and window in the house!  Yikes!  Like we said, we don’t usually make it easy on ourselves!

We also installed crown molding in this room- this was basically due to my imperfect tile to ceiling job.  The crown did a wonderful job of hiding the imperfect cuts I made.  I may have been rushing a little on that very top row of subway tiles!  No matter though, crown molding to the rescue!

Around this time,  we also put in the baseboard trim and made these pretty covers for the baseboard radiators.

Jake made the boxes out of poplar, I painted them white and we added these metal screens to the top side.  Then we added some trim to hold the metal in place. The final result looks charming and cute in the bathroom.

We brought in the vanity, adhered the vessel sinks and Jake installed beautiful Moen faucets that we picked out.

After 16 trips to Home Goods, Home Depot, and Lowes, and countless hours searching on-line, I finally found the coolest mirrors at Houzz.com.  They came super fast and fit the space perfectly!  How cute are those little shelves?  I found a plant at Walmart on it’s last leg and put it in a little mug to live there.

I found the black metal towel baskets at my local Home Goods and the cow painting just felt right in here! I have one more fun post on the way tomorrow revealing the update we gave the closet door, and then I’ll reveal the finished bathroom (finally!).

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