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A Fun Bathroom Closet door

When renovating our upstairs hallway bathroom, we wavered back and forth on the best way to update the brown hollow core closet door.  There were no doors available at the big box home improvement stores in the size we needed and quite frankly, we were looking for an easy solution to just one element of this bathroom.  I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for an antique closet door in this size, but for the time being, I decided to do what I’d done to everything else in our former green bathroom and paint this door white.

While the door was out of the bathroom for laying the floor, I primed it with some Zinsser BIN shellac to cover any possible bleed through or staining and then painted a few coats of semi-gloss Behr Ultra White paint.

Zinzer BIN is the best product to avoid bleed through I’ve found so far.

The semi gloss paint went onto the door very well after the primer.  Unfortunately, I hung the door and instantly hated the white!  There was no contrast, no warmth.  I didn’t even take a picture, I disliked it so much!  This did not look the bathroom I’d been dreaming of for two months!  I knew that contrast was what we needed, and decided that a dark color would be best.  I considered a dark grey, but decided that a black chalkboard door might add a fun, whimsical element to the kids’ bathroom.  I’m pretty sure my sweet husband decided in that moment that I’d lost my marbles, but he let me go for it!

We were both really happy with the door in the end.

What do you think?  I’ve decided I can change the saying based on the season or my mood.  I might write something like: “Merry Christmas,” “Happy New Year,” or “If you leave pee on the seat, mom will clean it with your toothbrush!”

And a quick endnote- check out the Fasco ceiling fixture.  This fixture is original to the house (45 years old!)  It has real glass covers over the bulbs.  One side has a nightlight so you can switch that on to avoid a blinding light in the middle of the night.  It has a very effective vent and fan.  We just couldn’t replace it.  There is no way we could ever find a new fixture with better quality.

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