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Master Bedroom- Progress

After we installed the hardwood flooring in Grant’s room that I wrote about here and here, we moved on to the master bedroom because it was on the same side of the house.  We were trying to lay all of the upstairs hardwood flooring without transition strips so we knew we’d have to lay floors in both bedrooms first and then hope and pray they’d match up in the hallway!

Here’s how it all started:

Like Grant’s room, after I painted the walls and ceiling, we ripped up the carpeting and carpet padding, then ripped out the MDF subflooring.


We found a trick to speed things up a little- we threw all of the subfloor out of the window!  It was SO much quicker than carrying it all down the stairs!

There was a strange double closet that we decided we’d like to re-frame into a single large reach-in closet before laying down the hardwood flooring.  This was our first time framing and we had to consult with Jake’s dad about how to do it!  We ripped out the drywall and re-framed the closet….well, we’re almost done with it.  We didn’t have a framing gun, but have since bought one.  Now we’re going to be able to finish the framing and sheet-rocking.

Jake installed the hardwood flooring in this room really quickly- he’s got a great system now, after practicing on Grant’s room.  This took him 2-3 evenings to install.

The old closet shelving hardware wasn’t ideal for us, so we ripped it out, but it was all anchored with those impossible drywall anchors that rip out half of the drywall with them, so out came the sheetrock in the back of the closet.

Instead of installing new sheetrock in the back closet wall, we decided cedar would be a great touch.  (I also really dislike spackling and I’m not very good at it, haha!)


We’ve still got a little bit of work to do on this room, but, it has been making great progress!  I decided to trade my big home built farmhouse bed for a metal bed because the only wall that our king-sized bed fit on was a window wall and we didn’t want to block any light.  Here’s a pic from before we re-trimmed the windows:

And, after re-trimming the windows and putting up window treatments and light, airy curtains:

We’ve still got to finish framing the closet and add sheetrock, make the shelving units, and then we’re building some awesome huge bi-pass barn doors.  That door on the right is the current master bathroom.  It is very small, and we’re looking into making a nearby bedroom into a new en suite bathroom.  Either way, the door on the right will have a sliding barn door to match the reach in closet.


Here’s a comparison of what the room looked like when we toured the house and now:

Don’t the windows look so much bigger?  I’ve learned that by hanging the curtains high and wide, it makes all the difference.  We still have to finish the baseboard trim- the cold weather has put the pause button on our outdoor cutting for now, but we will get to it!

Here are a couple detail shots I took today:

My air plant, I’m desperately trying to keep this guy alive- I keep moving him to places where I hope to remember to water…
This is where the new bathroom door will be!

I’ll keep you posted as we make some more progress!  I can’t wait to share the new en suite bathroom plans!

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