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A Bright and Fun Boy’s Bedroom

When we moved into Misty Mornings, Matthew’s room was bright sunshine yellow.  I was working toward encouraging the boys to help me make decisions on decorating.  I haven’t decided if this was a good idea or not!  Of course, the color choice my sweet boyish boy made was green.  (The color that we had just erased from the bathroom!)  I took him to a home improvement store and asked him to choose a green paint color from the swatches.   That little cutie chose the brightest green you’ve ever seen!  I snuck a different swatch to the mixing tech, don’t tell!  The good news is, he loved the color.  And since he helped me pick out the color, he was enthused to help me paint his bedroom.  Here is what his bedroom looked like right after move in:

Here’s my little painter working hard!

After painting, I hung some new curtains and some cute artwork that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Eventually, we got to the hardwood flooring project in this bedroom.  We had to temporarily move Matthew into a different bedroom while we ripped out the carpet, subfloor, and trim.

After we installed the hardwood flooring and Jake updated the window trim, I hung the 2″ faux wood blinds that I’ve been hanging in other rooms in the upstairs.  I also went to TJ Maxx with my fingers crossed that these striped blue and white curtains that I saw this summer would still be there.  Amazingly, the curtains were still at TJ Maxx months after I initially saw them, and bonus, they were on clearance!


Matthew decided when we told him we’d be moving to a new house and that he’d be able to have his own room that he really wanted a bunk bed.  We kept talking about building a bunk bed, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  One evening, I found a lovely bunk bed for sale on the local Facebook Yard sale site for a really great price, and I was the first interested party!  Jake was able to pick up and put together the bunks a couple of days later.

He’s been loving his new beds!  We still need to finish the baseboard trim in the room and finish jazzing up and re-hanging the closet doors.  Oh, by the way, does anyone have any tips on making a top bunk bed?


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