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Misty Morning’s Guest Room Makeover

Our “guest” bedroom has moved around a lot in this house.  With 5 bedrooms to choose from, we played musical bedrooms during the first few months here.  When we first moved in, this little room at the top of the stairs was our secondary guest room with a twin sized bed and box spring on the floor.  Later, when we purchased all of the hardwood flooring for the upstairs (46 boxes!) we used this room for wood and tool storage.  Well, after we finished putting down the flooring, and cleared out all of the junk, it became clear to me that this room was just right for a cozy guest room.

Here’s about the only “before” picture I have of this room:

As every other bedroom in the house, we started by ripping out the carpet, painting the ceiling, and walls, and then we ripped out the mdf subfloor as well.

I had a special helper with the painting in here!

While we were painting, we also painted the inside of the closet.

I used to not paint closets, but now that they’re empty, it’s just so easy- and the walls have taken so much abuse over the years!  I painted the inside of the closet the same Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray that we did the rest of the room.

Once Matthew and I finished painting, it was Jake’s turn to lay down the hardwood floors.  He’s getting so fast at this, practice makes perfect!  He finished laying these hardwoods in a weekend:

I really appreciate that Jake is so meticulous.  He always takes the extra time to get things “just right.”  I love how this floor turned out.  It was such a treat to have a whole section of the house with seamless flooring!

yay for a seamless floor!

This was my favorite angle- I loved being able to see into Grant’s room.

When we finished the hardwood flooring, Jake turned the reins over to me to put some furniture back into the room.  I played around with putting a twin bed in here first, set up as a day bed, and I just couldn’t get it right.  Then I brought in the queen bed and moved it around until I found a spot where I felt satisfied with it!

Jake then updated the window trim, and installed the baseboards and closet trim.  We also changed the light switch to a rocker.

Here’s another window trim before and after:

We just love how the taller trim makes the windows feel larger!  Jake also hung a new door and made and installed our custom designed door trim over the door and closet.


I found these sweet textured 96″ curtains at Homegoods (on clearance!) shopping with my friend Amy one weekend and I’ve been slowly and steadily hanging all of the 2″ slat blinds.   Also, I was thrilled to finally find the perfect wall for my antique skis, which had been leaning against a wall in the dining room and falling occasionally!

Since this room is much smaller than the guest room in our last house, I had to find some tiny side tables- it all just fits on that wall.

So that’s our guest bedroom story!  We’ve been blessed to have some dear friends and family stay in it so far and we hope that it remains a cozy home to our guests for years to come!

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