Our Current House Tour

We have been blessed to be able to find a piece of land where we can raise our family with a house that truly has great bones.  I enjoy playing house as an adult and I look forward to getting my daily work and chores done so that I can do little projects like taking down wallpaper and painting trim.  I’m excited to give you a little tour of our house and some of the progress we have made so far:

The Exterior:

We haven’t done too much work to the exterior of this house just yet.  However, as you can imagine, Jake and I have been formulating some fun plans to re-work the curb appeal.  Specifically, we plan to paint the siding a different color, get a new architectural shingle roof, and drastically change the upstairs windows to look more elongated.  We particularly dislike the shutters that are only on one side of each upstairs window.  That drives us crazy!  The shutter situation will be remedied this coming summer when we paint the house.

The front door originally was painted a rusty brick red color with these unique stained glass side light pieces.

I painted the front door a lovely light blue.  Although I liked the stained glass pieces, I wanted to be able to see outside through the side lights.  So, I removed them and gave them to the woman who grew up in the house when I found out that her late father had made them.  I updated the door mat, and put a pretty flower pot on the porch that my sweet mother in law gave me as part of our house warming gift.

After removing side lights and painting the front door

I also updated the light fixtures and my sister sent me this cute farmyard sign.

The front foyer was originally wallpapered and quite dark:

We removed the wallpaper and then repaired the walls and painted.

I painted the inside of the front door the same blue as the exterior and we hung some new light fixtures.

The kitchen is still a work in progress, it will be completely overhauled.  On moving day, we ripped out some cabinets overhanging the peninsula.  I wrote about it here.

About two days after moving in, we repainted the kitchen from the marigold yellow color to Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.

The breakfast nook started the same marigold yellow color as the kitchen, had half way paneling and a chair rail.

We removed the paneling, repainted the walls and radiator cover, and hung new curtains.  We have plans to turn the kitchen peninsula into a large island which will use the entire kitchen and breakfast nook space.

The front living room has a lovely bay window.  During our home inspection, it looked like this:

We immediately found a new sectional for this room and I hung some home made drop-cloth curtains that I made in Massachusetts.

It took me a few months, but eventually, I worked up the gumption to paint this room and we finally mounted the television on the wall.

Here’s the front living room after a quick paint job!

ahh..that’s better!

The dining room has made some lovely progress that I wrote about here.  It started out with wallpaper and chair rail with a chandelier dripping with crystals.

Here is the dining room after removing the wallpaper and chair rail, painting the ceiling and walls, and taking the crystals off of the chandelier.

The family room is under construction and I’ll get an update to you soon!  Here’s what it looked like when we first toured the house:

Our powder room has undergone “Operation Rip Down the Wallpaper and Paint Everything White.”  It started out, much like the rest of the house, wallpapered and very dark:

And here is the powder room after I got after it with a paint brush and some wallpaper remover:

We will update the vanity, mirror, and light fixtures someday, but it was a quick, cheap fix only a month into our move.

We have a laundry room too, it’s an utter disaster  bit of a mess right now!  I have big plans to make it a combination mud room/ laundry room.  I’ll show you a picture someday when I clean it up!

The upstairs hall bathroom has come a long way so far.  When we moved in, there was an avocado tub, avocado sinks, green wallpaper, and original flooring.

We completed updated the entire bathroom.  We put in all new fixtures, flooring, and my husband built this gorgeous double vessel vanity.

We also tiled the shower surround and the adjacent wall to create an accent.

You can read more about the bathroom transformation here.

The master bedroom started out with carpet that needed to be replaced and walls that needed to be painted.

I painted the ceiling and walls, Jake and I ripped out the carpet and subfloor, and installed a new hardwood floor.  There are still several projects to be done in here.

Grant’s bedroom started out pink and carpeted.

We’ve removed the carpet, painted the pink walls and pink ceiling, installed hardwood flooring, and put all new trim into the room.


Matthew’s room started off very yellow.

So far, we’ve painted this room, hung some curtains, installed hardwood floors, and we made Matthew’s bunk bed dream come true with a local Facebook Yardsale find.  We still need to finish the baseboard trim and closet doors in here.


Our guest room has gotten similar treatment to the other bedrooms.

We removed the carpeting and installed hardwoods, new trim, curtains, and window treatments.

We have one more bedroom upstairs.  We have hopes to convert it into a sweet ensuite bathroom someday.  For now, it remains the paneling bedroom with the ceiling issues where we keep all of our stuff.

The upstairs hallway has undergone a gorgeous transformation so far!  We aren’t quite finished painting bedroom doors just yet, but the change has been my favorite so far.


We removed the carpet, two layers of wallpaper, and replaced the trim.  Jake installed a hardwood floor and all new doors.  I replaced the light fixtures.


The staircase also had dark trim, carpet, and wallpaper galore:


We removed the carpet and wallpaper, updated the light switches, and I painted the stair risers and spindles.